Terry Drury's 1968 GT40

22nd September 2017


Whilst we have been a little quiet on the racing front, back at TDR our team have been all systems go!! With the falcon under wraps and awaiting the final race at Silverstone next month we have been getting on with some exciting new ventures for next year and to keep you guys up to date we have some photos taken with a little progress so far! 

This GT40 was one of the original chassis made by Ford (Abbey Panels) and was sent to Terry from Ford for one of his "racing" GT40's at the time, car no; '1073' monocoque car. The original car was damaged but then repaired without the need for this chassis so it has been shelved and stored ever since! Finally these last few years we have been able to get to work on it in between jobs and gently piece together what is a fantastic one off piece of history, which has been a real pleasure for the TDR team and a proud one for Terry to make it what it once could of been! We cannot wait to see it progress into a nice sentimental historic race car! 

3rd of August 2018


We apologise for the lack of updates this year so far but it’s been a very busy year for us all in and out of the workshop. Working on the classics has continued but away from the race tracks as we re group.


We have a few projects currently being built and we are pleased to say we are close to approaching the final build stage of one of Terrys spare GT40s from the day. This car was supplied to Terry in 1968 from Ford after an accident in GT40 (1073). At the time they managed to get the car rebuilt to save time and this chassis was stored away ever since. It was uncovered quite a few years ago and work has been in progress since on and off. 


As Terry worked close with Ford in the R&D of the GT40 he was always equipped with the backing of the factory when he was testing or racing. Everything he could obtain then assisted all the works racing teams which was why he was able to gain so many parts and spares! 
Thankfully he had held on to enough over the years to make this build possible.

Here the 1968 GT40 sits now ready for paint. The guys here at TDR have done a top job in keeping to Terrys details/requirements of how it was to be finished and now it sits fitted with original body work from Le Mans supporting its flared rear aches for the much wider rear wheels it would have ran in the day. 
The wheels along with mostly everything else on the car are going to be fitted up when it returns from paint, we shall keep you posted on this! 

1st Of October 2018


A few weeks ago we received Terrys GT40 chassis back from the paint shop. Colour choice was a period white from the late 1960s and has been finished in Ford diamond white. The build of this car is now in full swing with the attention to detail being paramount in this process to get this unique car finished as if it would have raced with Terry in 1968. We are very lucky that Terry had kept this GT40 chassis along with accumulating an extensive parts store over the years being with ford which has made this build so very special. Just some of the rare and unique parts we have for this build are the original front and rear magnesium uprights, wishbones, its Gurney Weslake 4 bolt main engine and ZF-1 gearbox finished with all its original body work. The list does go on! We are all looking forward to this build coming together over the coming months and will keep you all updated on the progress of the car.

15th November 2018


The guys here at TDR have been doing a top job with this build and as the weeks go by it’s starting to really take shape. The doors are now built up and back on the monocoque with the windows being fitted, we have received all the body work now and are in the process of fitting it all up.
All corners are now complete on the monocoque with the final assembly of the hubs and uprights together with the vented discs and callipers.
We also have the wheels and tyres mounted up ready for the GT40 to be put on the ground for geometry and setup.

10th December 2018


We are pleased to share some photos of Terrys 1968 Ford GT40 in the closing stages of its build! It has really come together perfectly and all the guys at TDR have done a great job with its details. I’m sure one Terry would have been proud to see!