Fith & Sixth Round, Croft Nostalgia Festival HSCC - Jack Drury

On the lead up to the Croft Nostalgia weekend we had just a day to test our Falcon to this newly seen track. We had discovered there were a few things we would have liked to change on the car, but with limited track time we had no other option but to take the bull by the horns and get on with things!

With a qualifying session finished, Jack battled with the Falcon to gain a respectable time putting him 4th on the grid for our first race. The first race was driven brilliantly by Jack, with later watching back the on-board footage showed us just how unsettled the car was under breaking, nether the less Jack managed to come home with a 3rd! This was very impressive considering our thoughts the day before! Over the next few hours we managed to make a few set up changes to the car and we were hopeful that it could aid Jack on the Sunday for Race 2.


With our final day at Croft, Jack started third on the grid and managed to get a great start! Making their way into the first turn Jack gained a place into 2nd but having to yield to Richard Belcher in his Fast Cortina Jack followed in behind and settled for the next couple of laps. Once Jack was happy with the brakes and confident in the car, he felt he could push on and make his move in passing the Cortina. Over the next couple of laps Jack he was fixed on chasing down Peter Halford in his Ford Mustang, with eventually making a great pass to gain the lead. Jack took the win with over a 4 second lead!

The Falcon was still running the incorrect diff for this track which was costing us drive, but we now know what to expect at next time!

A great weekend at Croft an amazing crowd and with so much going on it was a busy and enjoyable couple of days!

Photos Courtesy Of: Jeff Bloxham

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