Terry started racing in the 1960's when working for Ford as a development engineer. During this time Terry built some incredible racing cars and raced in the Special Saloon series with some big engine Ford Anglias & Lotus Cortinas. 


Terry built up an excellent relationship with Fords helping them to develop the iconic Ford GT40, he worked closely with John Hornsman 

from Ford Advanced Vehicles assisting the factory at this time. 

Upon leaving Fords and starting a new venture in Motorsport,  Ford had requested Terrys skills in building and fully fabricating  the famous 'Supervan' which was a modified Ford Transit Van, powered by a 5-litre V8 Gt40 engine, and to this day is still talked about!


After a few years of being away from the world of Motorsport Terry with his family alongside stepped back into racing where his two sons Jack & Steven were excited to get out on track. In 2016 the boys were busy competing in the BMW Compact Cup Series which enabled them to  gain their full race licence and some vital 'on track' knowledge. With a plan set out in driving the challenging classics, Terry was busy behind the scenes in building a competitive Ford Falcon amongst other exciting projects. 

Last year family friend and former F1 driver Mike Wilds run the newly built Ford Falcon Sprint at the Goodwood 75th Members Meet, with the car showing some great promise, it was passed on to Terrys son Jack  whom raced this in the HSCC & HRDC series, turning out to be a great success with many wins and setting some incredible lap times! please see our gallery for more information! 

Unfortunately before the season was to finish Terry had fallen ill & despite all efforts to recover it was to be terminal.  Terry Drury passed away on the 22nd of November 2017 of which the family where understandable devistated, Terry was such an inspiration to many and was an idol to his sons 

Jack & Steven who now wish to continue his legacy in the Motorsport World. 


Terry Drury Racing

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